Our projects

We handle between 50 and 100 vessels at the shipyard annually and provide every essential service to our customers regarding repairment, maintenance and modification of vessels. We are fully equipped with dry docks, cranes, quays, storage facilities and workshops.

We handle all types of vessels including general cargo ships, tankers, ro-ro ships, tugboats, barges, research survey vessels and passenger ships. On behalf of the Swedish government, we repair coast guard vessels, transport ferries, naval vessels and icebreakers.

Some of our projects

Kajsa-Stina, Varvsöversyn 2019

Ombyggnation av Djurgårdsfärjor 2018-2019

KBV 002 Triton, 5 års-översyn 2019

BAUS, Dockning 2017

Bitflower, Dockning 2018

Lotus, Klassningsdockning 2019